Monday, October 5, 2009

Hony Captain(Retd) Bhim Chand,

During the Kashmir operations in 1948, Subedar Bhim Chand was ordered to take out a guerilla platoon and capture the last enemy positions in Leh tehsil. To reach his objective he had to use ropes, picks and shovels on the way and had to cross snow-covered peaks 22,000 feet high.

His platoon suffered 50 percent casualties from frostbite, but Subedar Bhim Chand was confident and determined to fulfill his mission. Finally on 27th December 1948, he made a surprise attack and captured enemy positions. The enemy ran away leaving behind six dead, three rifles, Bren magazines, blankets and other stores.

In this action the JCO showed great power of endurance, devotion to duty, magnificent capacity to organise and extraordinary determination to win his objective. For this he was awarded the VrC and the Bar to VrC.

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अजेय said...

उन सब को श्रद्धांजली, जिन्हो ने देश के लिए जान दे दी , पर गुमनाम ही रहे.

दोस्त हरी की याद दिला दी इस पोस्ट ने.
राशन भाई इस ब्लॉग के लिए कुछ योगदान ज़रूर दूंगा. क्या हम इस वर्तनी मे कुछ हेर फेर करें?

मुझे Lahul अच्छा लग रहा है. क्य कह्ते हो?