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I Roshan Lal Thakur DCT (OPS) Dte Gen was nominated as a liaison officer for the KM Yatra 2007 6th batch, which was scheduled from 28th Jun to 26th July 2007. Earlier MEA has submitted a list of 60 Yatries out of which only 45 Yatries turned up for medical test at Heart & Lung Institute of Delhi . 5 Yatries were not permitted on medical ground and only 40 Yatries were short listed for 6th batch, in which 29 M and 11 F Yatries were present. After doing all codal formalities, party left for Almora & further to Dhachula. At Mangti one Yatri called Mrs Savita Kohli (F) returned back to Delhi due to domestic problems Rest Yatra remained comfortable till 12th July, on 12th July when we were scaling to Dolma pass , I had a opportunity to save one precious life of a female yatri, which really gives me immense pleasure , whenever I remember the situations . It happened like this on 12th july when I reached at Dolma pass quite early and still all Yatries are supposed to come, I remained at Dolma pass for more than 45 minutes , it was extremely cold weather and snowing , I was literally shivering with cold but still  encouraging all Yatries that it is not snow but the blessing of all lord Shiva & Parvati .Mean while I noticed that one lady yatri named Rajalaxmi was totally exhausted & tired . She was not able to put one step forward and she was having the giddiness & fear of death. I approached to the lady yatri and talked with her , comforted & encouraged her not to lose heart , then I have given her some (Channa) Gram with Gur and warm water , after that one tab. of multivitamin , one iron tablet , one vitamin C and one tablet of pain killer . I was literally dragging her, as she was not able to stand on her feet. The weather was of its worse condition. I told her not to close her eyes and not to rest at any conditions, just be brave for rest 10-15 minutes and let these tablets to work. Then you will be alright. I prayed to the God to help her to overcome this difficulty. By grace of God after 10-12 minutes she started feeling better and she said, now I can walk alone, when we reached half way to next stop, she quietly came to me and said Mr. Roshan You have saved my life, I have replied may be all mighty God wanted me to save your life that is why I remained for more than 45 minutes at Dolma pass, where usually people do not stay more than 5 min. under such hostile weather conditions. After hearing this, she had tears in her eyes & smiled, then I said you must pray and thank to God for everything.

            This was the first instance where I have saved the precious life of a Yatri , I had another opportunity to save the life of  another Yatri , she was Mrs, Dipaben Patel a female Yatri from Gujrat on 12th July  , She got left body paralysis attack while walking along the Mansarover Lake . She was immediately taken to Taklakot civil Hospital and then her husband and relatives informed me at Darchin that Dipaben Patel was attacked by paralysis and she is not able to talk and eat anything, her condition is critically serious & they requested me to come back to Taklokot immediately. Then I hired Taxi and left for Taklakot , with the local guide Mr. Tempa (Phembha) . After reaching at Taklakot hospital I meet with the patient and then discussed the matter with their family members. Then it was decided that she must be evacuated back to India for better treatment. As the medical facility at Tibet (China side) is in primitive stage. Then I contacted with MEA officials at Delhi and Indian Embassy at Beijing for air evacuation. I also contacted with Sh. P. K. Dasmana ADIG (Ops) ITBP for providing the assistance at Lepu Pass with medical team. Under the response, ITBP has sent 12 jawans with stature, emergency medicines, oxygen cylinder and a medical officer Dr. Neeraj Kumar with one medic. Here I would like to mentions the fact that at Taklakot , there were no nurse or doctor to attend the patient but the ITBP, which has great value for life has directed the doctor to receive the patient at Lepu Pass . This worked as a life saving moral boasting medicine for that patient and when Dr. Neeraj talked with patient and her husband they cried and there eyes were full of tears. They had no words to Thank ITBP for such generosity. It was on 15th July at 0930 Hrs in the morning when we handed over the said patient to ITBP official Doctor Neeraj Kumar at Lepulekh Pass. Here I strongly recommend that Dr. Neeraj who has literally saved the life of that patient by treating  her at such inhospitable condition is really worth more than praise and he deserve D.G. insignia and commendation letter , but many times such brave acts goes unnoticed . On same date the patient was air lifted from Kalapani to Dharchula , the chopper with patient remained over night at Dharchula due to bad weather , next day morning ,they took flight to Delhi and handed over the patient to their relatives at domestic airport technical area . Then they took the patient back to Ahmedabad . The patient’s relatives are still in contact with me and presently she is in much better condition. I have my full satisfaction that I had done my duty with full devotion and dedication, resulting saving of two precious lives with the blessings of mighty God.
            After that Yatra went peacefully and ended successfully at Delhi on 26th July 2007.


            Full lengths of suggestions are given in the blue book supplied by the MEA but there are few, which require the attention, are as follows.

(I)              Most of the Yatries are getting sick at two places that is one at Dolma Pass & 2nd at Mansarovar, they suffer the cardiac arrest and high altitude pulmonary oedema (HAPO) & high blood pressure. To avoid such kind of attacks, Yatries should be advice to take the medicine like Dymox etc. in plenty. This medicine could act as life saving drug. I also suggest that these kinds of medicines should be supplied in plenty to Kalapani & Gunji post, where ITBP doctor can advise Yatries when to takes such LSD medicines.

(II)          As there are no medical facility available at Chinese side, it is suggested that at least two medical or Para medical team permanently be kept at Darchin and Quhu or Taklakot to help the Yatries in the dire state of need. As many groups are without medical doctors yatry (as MEA tries to put at least one doctor yatry in each group).
By putting such medical camps at Chinese side may save the precious lives of many Yatries .

(III)       As we have seen most of the Yatries are getting sick just because they do not follow the instructions and precautions told in the briefing by the L.O. , secondly when group reaches in Chinese side , it is divided in to two groups , and one group is left without L.O. As all Yatries follow the instructions of LO when 2nd group is handed over to Dy. LO (who is nominated amongst the Yatries only) most of yatries do not follow his directions and instructions. Hence a group of rebels comes up and mostly those people get sick, by not adhering to the instruction and precautions at such high altitude. To avoid such incidents in future MEA should appoint two Liaison Officers in each batch for each group of 30 pilgrims at Chinese side. Since each batch is consisting of max 60 persons.

(IV)         There should be minimum and maximum age limit for visiting the KM . It is suggested that min age should be 15 and max should not be more than 65 & this regulation should strictly be followed.

L.O.6th batch KM YATRA-2007
Dated 28th Sep.2007
Ph. 9868044209