Wednesday, July 9, 2008

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R.N. Sahni said...

It is nice to let members know the history of Lahoul Spiti. However, I want to posts following comments: In the story of Major Prithi Chand, the credit for saving Ladakh at that time goes to many other people too, such as Col. Khushal Chand, a cousin of Prithi Chand; Captain Bhim Chand; and a sepoy who was later known as Bir Chakra. Very few people know his real name (perhaps Tobgay ?). Col. Khushal Chand died in an air crash while returning from far east, Col. Prthi Chand died at home in Manali, Capt. Bhim Chand also died at home, while Bir Chakra is still living.
2. Rahul Gandhi's trip to Ladakh was known to many people. On that day I was at Keylong and people knew that he was moving quietly without and ceremony or meeting any one.
R.N. Sahni.