Tuesday, November 23, 2010

लाहौली समाज में सयुंक्त परिवार प्रणाली की प्रासंगिकता

We all know that 'change is the law of nature' and switching from one phase to other is a very natural phenomena in our worldly life.We also know that ideas and personalities come and go but institution stays on and same is case with our basic,primary unit from where we are brought up and groomed in to a personlaity recognized by society.That is a recognition of having connections with legalized social unit which we call a 'family'.This basic unit gives you a sence of protection and security while living in a society.You feel happy among your kins because they are most closet to you on blood relation basis.We can trust them,share responisiblities and help each-other in dire situations.Like in all other socities of world,the Lahouli society also had families formed on the notion of bond and affiiation.But this was a little bit diffrent,which we call a "joint-family system"by sociologists.

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