Friday, November 26, 2010

उभरते कवि

serpentine serenade

The unknown rush the ecstatic roar the sullen leap the sparkling foam

Volumes she carry ,moves the biggest stone

Times she bring life some the sorrow

Still flowing, yester today and morrow

Keeping the promise back again after each go,

Beneath valley she talks in loud, bends as if lady such proud

Murmurs all night long, vying the sailing cloud

Early morning she waits; a lone some

To Fall down on her bank then stare in infinite admiration,

The serene lady the only companion to converse with

The soothing salve

the serene sermon

the serpentine serenade..

for the world , still a humble river

।but for the rest , the unquiet (murmuring) ribbon in silver

Vijay K Bodh
M.Sc. Anthropology
Panjab University
Age: 23
village: Jahalaman (L&S)
Present address: Jeoni Ropa ,Kullu

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ABHI said...

nice dude...............i hope u all also narrate about lahaul spiti culture life style and beauty .